Friday, 25 January 2013

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Hi guys. It's been a long time since I last post anything to this blog but now, I'm thinking of posting it back. Life been miserable right now. Everything seem to be screwed up. Friendship, financial and yeah, my health.

So, can I start my story now? Let's........

FRIENDS. Tell me who is on this earth doesn't need friend?

What kind of friend do you need? A happy go lucky one? A good-looking one? Or the one who appreciate your presence and be there for you for any time sake?

I bet the third one is everyone dream isn't it? I want that too.

But how does it feels when you clique seems like ignoring you? Do you ever feel neglected by your friends?

I'm feeling it. NOW. That is the major problem stuck in my life.

When your friends are laughing out loud but you're alone in your room trying to figure out what is wrong with yourselves? Do they even care to come and calm you down? NO.

When your friends are planning all these and those but you are not included. Will you get hurt?

When they know that the class been canceled but they left you remains not knowing it. Have you ever thought come to think of how hurt it is?

That is it. I feel hurt. And I decided to leave. They don't even count me in in the clique so why should I stay?

Hmm. I'm not trying to get your sympathy or trying to be lame, but that's how I feel. Okay that's all for today. Till the next post! :*

Kawan ketawa, seluruh pelusuk dunia boleh jumpa,
kawan menangis itu ibarat mutiara 

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