Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Okay I'm always fail on making tittle. Really. You can see all my tittle are crap. Hahaha okay just ignore my tittle yea? Heee

    Give a lot of thanks to hanis sebab gimme chance to watch Matlutfi vlogger. Heee. I fell in love with him. Oupsss , I mean his video. Hihi. First of all, I'm gonna tell you what am I doing for today. If you don't feel like reading it and want to read about Matlutfi, you may skip this paragraph. HAHA.

Today :
*I woke up early today because I'm going to the library with hanis ! Yeah , our final exam is just around the corner and we were thinking of study ? HAHA , yeah we did study but faham² lah kan. Hoho.
*I got new friend today! Yippi :) She was hanis's classmate in Teknik JB. She takes Diploma in Accountancy same with us but she graduate by 4semester while we have to through 6semester. She is Ila !! Say Hi to Ila :D
*I went to city square with them. Niena and Peah took us by Niena's cute kancil. Heheee. Thanks Niena. Hanis planned to watch a movie but since Niena had to pick her mother and we don't have time, it was cancelled. But still Niena, Peah, Basit and his friend (friends of Niena, Peah and Hanis) watched The Smurfs after that. Jealous sikit ar. Hihihi :D

Okay ,  in a conclusion today was a happy 
day for me! Thanks you guys for bring me jalan²! Heeee

Okay sambung pasal MATLUTFI. Hewhewhewwww

After being promoted by Hanis, I went to visit YouTube(hihihi , terus) and look for MatLutfi video. Yeah I've watch 4 video and this one gimme some idea on what to write in my blog. Hohoho. Kahkahkah. Okay lets watch this vlog :D

What he said in this video was awesome true! I like it! I love Malaysia. I love all the races in Malaysia as each of us give colours to Malaysia. When I went to study in overseas (doa dan harapan , Amin...   atau mungkin angan angan ?) , I bet I will miss the see the Indians festive of lights, the Chinese tarian naga, the Ibanis gawai day and much more. Yeah , where else in the world that you will find such various type of celebration? No where else but Malaysia! Heeee

I ♥ MALAYSIA ! Happy Malaysia Day :)  

*I wonder why  I write this in English ? yeah I know. I want to
improve my English language. Sorry for my grammar mistakes.
I'm learning. Heee. I dont mind if you would like to correct my 
language  :) 


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